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Oversized cargo transportation

Transportation of oversized cargoes along public highways is the most difficult segment in cargo transportation. Before starting the transportation of oversized third-party loads, the "LUCAS-CRANE" company got the years of experience in transportation of its own oversized truck cranes, which are up to three meters wide, and weigh up to 72 tons. Our company has also transported the truck cranes on low loader in order to save the running resources of the special machinery.

"LUCAS-CRANE" approaches to the transportations of the customer's oversized cargoes with the highest responsibility. That is confirmed by the set of extremely difficult but successful transportations of oversized cargo.

First of all, our specialists carefully select the low loaders, taking into account the dimensions and the load's weight. The low loader has to completely correspond not only to the requirements of maximum permissible dimensions with the load, but also to correspond to the configuration, distribution of weight and the ways of loading.

After the low loader selection, the logisticians of the "LUCAS-CRANE" company carefully study all the optional routes with regards to the quality of roads, the possibility of passing under low level bridges, tunnels, wires, through bridges and platforms, taking into account all of their parameters.

After choosing the optimum route, the "LUCAS-CRANE" company quickly coordinates everything with Federal management of roads of each region on the route of oversized transportation and gets the necessary permission.

           The instruction on obtaining the permissions for transporting of oversized cargo on St. Petersburg

The oversized transportations are carried out in St Petersburg and all across the Russian Federation.

On our site, you can find the examples of such permissions for oversized transportations which have been already carried out by the "LUCAS-CRANE" company::
- СSpecial permission for driving on the motor-roads for the vehicle transporting heavyweight or large-size loads.  (first page, second page)


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Oversized cargo transportation


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Our projects:

In September 2013, on the "Kichmensky gorodok" federal highway in Vologda region the "LUCAS-CRANE" company lifted a generator weighing 63 tons from a ditch by means of the truck crane. The generator had been there since February 2013, owing to transportation by the third-party company. After the loading works, the "LUCAS-CRANE" company successfully transported the generator to Ust-Luga port. The lifting works were carried out by means of the LIEBHERR LTM 1200-5.1 (200t) truck crane. Preliminary visit of the site, which was 1700km away, by our engineer allowed to complete the works which other companies could not cope with within 6 months.

loading and transportation equipment   lifting the generator out of the ditch

In the autumn 2013, our company also unloaded in a port the Cabin of Peter the Great. The full-size model of the Cabin was presented to Russia by the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands within the Year of Russian-Dutch cooperation. The model is installed on the territory of the Moscow "Kolomna" memorial estate by forces of the Dutch army by the 101st engineering battalion of the city of Vezepa.

loading and transportation of containers   carriage house of Peter 1 in containers 

transportation of containers


Loading of the machinery on the territory of the "LUCAS-CRANE" company. May, 2014/p>

Loading equipment on semitrailer Loading machinery crane Loading equipment on barge 



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