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and other special machinery rental in EU (European Union).

The "LUCAS-CRANE" company has been rendering services of truck cranes and other special machinery since 2006, and it has been successfully developing, despite the various crises.

"LUCAS-CRANE" specializes in solving problems of any complexity which are carried out by means of mobile jib cranes.


The main priority of the company is the safety when working with machinery. Mobile cranes of the company are registered in bodies of technical supervision, and the examinations are held annually. All the managers on truck crane rental have technical education, and, as well as machinists, they passed the exams on industrial safety and safe operation of jib cranes.

Why you should take advantage of services of LUCAS-CRANE machinery:

  • Tight security when carrying out the crane works:
    • Preliminary on-site consultations with "LUCAS-CRANE" engineers.
    • Developing of flow sheets and cranes' work execution programs.
    • Strengthening of the ground for support contour using soil pads and reinforced concrete slabs (if necessary).
    • Modern slings, traverses and load handling devices.
    • Providing with engineering and technical workers of the "LUCAS-CRANE" company when carrying out complex types of work.
    • Cohesive team of professionals!

  • The maximum efficiency when carrying out works:
    • Modern machinery
    • Well-coordinated work and mutual assistance of the staff of the "LUCAS-CRANE" company

  • Flexible contractual relations and loyal pricing policy:
    • Discounts
    • Deferments
    • Bonuses

Aiming to be useful to you, we tried to organize the work of our company so that you could expect our help in any day of the week. If you want to order the mobile crane and you have some questions, address them to our consultants on phone +49 (1511) 272-67-82 (Deutsch) or +7 (911) 101-97-97 (English) or online.

In our vehicle fleet, there are mobile cranes with various loading capacity produced by leading Russian and foreign companies.

Popular mobile cranes
25 tons 50 tons 70 tons 100 tons 200 tons
   Mobile crane rental 25 t Mobile crane rental 50 t Mobile crane rental 70 t Mobile crane rental 100 t Mobile crane rental 200 t
   "MASHEKA" KS-55727
   Loading capacity до 25 tons
   Crane boom length: 9,5 - 28 m
Loading capacity до 50 tons
Crane boom length: 11 - 40 m
Loading capacity до 70 tons
Crane boom length: 8 - 50,4 m
Loading capacity до 100 tons
Crane boom length: 11,5 - 60 m
Loading capacity до 200 tons
Crane boom length: 14 - 72 m

Our company offers consultations of our engineers on site. The engineers will help you to choose a crane to fulfill your tasks, and they will give you advices on site preparation, access roads preparation and slinging loads. If necessary, our engineers will develop the flow sheet or the cranes' work execution programme for you
The machinery of "LUCAS-CRANE" company is equipped with chain and textile slings produced in Sweden.

Free pads are available for truck cranes from 50 to 200 tons for works on unpaved surface.

All the truck cranes are equipped with the safety devices that determine the weight of the load, wind speed and other important parameters when operating the crane.

SALE! Discounts of 10 to 20% when truck crane rental request ONLINE!

The company has a great experience in:

  • installing modular unitized indoor and outdoor transformer substations, tanks of gas stations;
  • mounting and dismounting of tower truck cranes;
  • lifting and lowering of boats and yachts;
  • mounting and dismounting of concrete and asphalt plants;
  • mounting and dismounting of smoke removal systems;
  • mounting of amusement park equipment;
  • transferring materials, machinery and equipment in pits, roof and wall openings;
  • lifting of cars, machinery and various cargoes after traffic accidents;
  • mounting and dismounting bridge cranes, ceiling and wall panels;
  • working in halls, on floors and on unpaved sites.

  • Transportation of oversized cargo

    Our company is focused on the needs of the customers, and for the past few years, it has also rendered comprehensive services for transporting of heavy and off-gauge cargo. The "LUCAS-CRANE" has successfully mounted dozens of concrete and asphalt plants, and has transported dozens of drilling rigs, tracked and wheeled vehicles!

    At present, the "LUCAS-CRANE" has the whole range of mobile cranes from 14 to 200 tons of brands LIEBHERR, TEREX-DEMAG, KRUPP, low loaders trawls up to 80 tons, and barges up to 45 tons of Volvo brand, and backhoe loaders of Volvo brand.

    SALE! Discounts of 10 to 20% when requesting transportation of oversized cargo ONLINE!

    All-wheel drive Volvo 6x6 tractors have confirmed their reliability in oversized transportations during the winter time in northern regions. The "LUCAS-CRANE" company has successfully transported a set of pieces of machinery and equipment, weighing from 45 to 80 tons, during the winter time in highlands.

    Oversize and heavy transport   Trawl rent  Transportation of outsize cargo

    In September 2013, on the "Kichmensky gorodok" federal highway in Vologda region the "LUCAS-CRANE" company lifted a generator weighing 63 tons from a ditch by means of the truck crane. The generator had been there since February 2013, owing to transportation by the third-party company. After the loading works, the "LUCAS-CRANE" company successfully transported the generator to Ust-Luga port. The lifting works were carried out by means of the LIEBHERR LTM 1200-5.1 (200t) truck crane. Preliminary visit of the site, which was 1700km away, by our engineer allowed to complete the works which other companies could not cope with within 6 months.

    On the pages of our website, you can find the photos and detailed description of all the technical characteristics of the special machinery for rent, current price list on services, and the phones of the employees, who are always ready to help you.

    Entrust our specialists to solve all your heavyweight issues!

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