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The "LUCAS-CRANE" company started up in 2006. For these years, our special machinery fleet has been replenished; therefore, we are now ready to provide our customers with the services not only on truck crane rental, but also the services on transportation of heavyweight and oversized cargos throughout the country.

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Construction works and cargo transportation are often carried out on the weekends.

Aiming to be useful for you, we have tried to organize the work of our company so that you could rely on our help on any day of the week.

We understand that our special machinery is necessary in order to work continuously; therefore our company is ready to render all range of services on conditions which favorable to you.

The rent of the truck crane with a loading capacity of 10-200 tons includes:

  • consultation held by our specialists regarding the optimum selection of the truck crane; if necessary, the site visit by our engineers is provided;
  • the truck crane rental with a complete set of slings;
  • the term of rent can amount 0.5 shifts; and that allows you to save money;
  • together with the machinery, we provide you with the crane operator having experience and qualification of the 8th grade;
  • if the machinery is available, we are ready to render you the urgent service;
  • essential discounts for the customers who signed the lease contract of the truck crane with the operating mode of more than 10 hours per day;
  • having signed the lease contract of the load-lifting machinery, you have opportunity to use our services in transportation of oversized cargo;

Services in transportation of heavyweight loads and oversized cargo weighing up to 80tons include:

  • receiving your load in the port;
  • endorsement of the  route and receiving of the permits; if necessary, police escort of oversized cargo will be organized;
  • loading, unloading and warehousing of your load with maneuverable truck cranes;
  • the parking lot and storage place for your oversized cargo on our supervised parking.

We work daily, and we are ready to cooperate with the intermediary organizations and dispatching services, providing discounts and bonuses for our services!


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Often, the use of special machinery is simply necessary. And not every firm or company, whatever its occupation is, has a truck crane available in its car fleet. The purchase of the truck crane is considered to be irrational even for the big organization: it costs a lot, and it is used not that often. Therefore, it is more reasonable to rent the truck crane.

The "LUCAS-CRANE" company leases truck cranes of all types of loading capacity. Our prices and quality will ideally suit to any customer to carry out various types works.

We offer such truck cranes as: LIEBHERR, DEMAG, KRUPP, LOKOMO, Ivanovets, Masheka, Klincy. By means of these truck cranes, it is possible to carry out any type of loading, unloading, constructing and mounting works. All the above-mentioned machinery can easily shift the load weighting from 10 to 200 tons. All the truck cranes are equipped with booms, additional equipment. The maximum height of the hook, when hoisting, can reach 100 meters. Each of the mechanisms has individual drives. All the machinery is quite compact in size, therefore it will perfectly suit for work on the constrained sites. Due to the chassis, the truck cranes have high level of maneuverability, and they are also easy-to-manage.

After the lease contract is signed, the specialists of "LUCAS-CRANE" go to the construction site for effective work performance. If necessary, our specialists can work round the clock.

You can rent semi-trailers, heavy trucks, low loader (the low-frame sliding semi-trailer) with a loading capacity of 80 tons, and the scow (the platform with removable boards) with a loading capacity of 45 tons. By means of them, it is possible to transport the construction and road special machinery (bulldozers, skating rinks, tower cranes, drilling rigs, combines), various equipment, tanks of various sizes, pipes, containers, metalwork and reinforced concrete constructions, construction materials on pallets, etc.

We also provide services of loading and unloading of oversized cargo. If necessary, we will provide supervised parking, in 200 meters from Moskovskoye Highway up until the Ring Road crossing.

There is a discount system in place for the customers who have repeatedly leased machinery from us.

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