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Hoisting works

Lifting work today - a collaboration of skilled personnel with specialized equipment designed to move heavy and oversized items.

LUCAS-CRANE produces various types of rigging:

  • the movement of heavy and oversized cargo;
  • lifting and lowering bulky cargoes (equipment, building blocks, etc.);
  • installation and dismantling of industrial equipment;
  • slinging and bridles goods;
  • transportation of various goods;
  • development of technological maps;
  • the development of BPD.


All the complex lifting work performed under the supervision of our staff, who are responsible for the safety of lifting operations. Rigging works are carried out by our experts, specially trained, with experience, proven specialized rigging equipment and lifting devices.

C using our machinery, our specialists carried out as separate heavy and rigging of large objects and complex transfers of production facilities, technological equipment rigging, rigging processing lines, plants and factories.

Our staff will conduct inspection of places of rigging and choose the best options for work that will responsibly and safely perform any disassembly and assembly of your equipment.

Our company employs qualified and certified personnel use the latest equipment and special equipment that allows you to fully secure the rigging and equipment to ensure the safety of the carriage.

All work carried out stropalnye rigging and other services are of high professional level of specialists and are available in full accordance with the safety standards.

Hoisting works: Loading in air plane  Hoisting works: factory installation  Hoisting works: Dismantling

boiler loading  Installation of a concrete plant  Descent yachts on the water

Installation of equipment  Loading platform for transportation  Installation of the press weighing 70 tons

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